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EPS Insights 2022

30 May 2022 / Link Group

Key takeaways

  • 82% of ASX200 companies managed by Link Group now have a General Employee Share Plan
  • Recent legislative changes will make it easier for unlisted companies to offer employee equity plans
  • The removal of Cessation, as a taxing event, will reduce administrative burden for employees
  • > 65% listing of companies, with a listing value of $50 Million & above, offer an employee incentive scheme at their IPO launch
  • 75% of companies have an Employee Share Trusts to hold shares on behalf of participants

Welcome to the fifth edition of EPS Insight.

Our mission is to connect people with their assets, and we understand that employees are often a company’s most important asset.

This year we focus on Employee Incentive Plan trends, in start-ups and unlisted companies, and how companies have applied Employee Share Plans as a tool to retain, motivate and reward their employees. This review is based on the plans offered by our clients and implemented by Link Group’s Equity Plan Solution (EPS) team. It builds on the previous years’ research and brings new insight into the operation of the Broad-Based Plan.

In addition to our focus on start-ups and unlisted company incentive plan trends, we take a look at share-based payment expense requirements, an update on ESS Tax and legislative matters and discussion with Pedal Group Pty Limited about their employee plans and philosophy behind them.

Link Group’s EPS team experienced a busy year, managing projects for our 200+ plan administration clients. We hope you enjoy these insights from our EPS team.

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