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Understanding Share Ownership - Australia 2019

18 February 2019 / Orient Capital 

Set within a dramatic global landscape, 2018 saw the continuance of a number of major changes in the Australian equities market, including several large mergers and takeovers, as well as an eventful AGM season.

As part of this ongoing change, there is inevitably an acceleration of key trends which directly impact a range of players; including ASX listed companies, institutional investors, superannuation funds, as well as retail investors. For the Investor Relations (IR) professional, deeply understanding what your shareholder base looks like, how it changes over time and compares to peers within an index/sector provides important insight into how your register may develop in the future or where specific targeting opportunities may lie.

Part of Link Group, Orient Capital assists Investor Relations Officers (IROs) and the C-Suite from more than 2,000 listed companies worldwide to identify, track, manage and engage with investors, potential investors and the wider investment community. In the Australian market, we are proud to serve, on average, 84% of the ASX 300 as clients over the past five years, during which time we have also undertaken nearly 70,000 unique registry analysis reports globally.

Our market leading position means that we have access to significant and unique historical market data, allowing us to identify several key trends.

Highlights from these trends include:

  • 68% of market capital in the average ASX 200 share register is held by Australian investors.
  • Investment in the ASX 200 from North America has increased by 22% over the last five years, predominantly due to index investors.
  • Direct investment by superannuation funds in the ASX 200 has doubled over the last five years, with funds continuing to bring investment management capabilities in-house.

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